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Last Friday’s #FollowReader chat was a real treat. Our guest was Open Road Integrated Media’s CEO and co-founder, Jane Friedman. Much of the discussion centered around the innovative publishing model that Open Road is embarking upon, and Jane generously shared information about everything from the formats that ORIM will be publishing in, to author compensation, to their plans for marketing. You can read the transcript from Friday’s chat by clicking on this link.

Below we’ve included a few insights offered by Jane during last Friday’s chat:

On the traditional role of the publisher, and how Open Road differs from the traditional model:

The publisher has traditionally discovered that author, most of the time through agents, and paid the author an advance against royalties. The author worked with an editor and when the manuscript was ready to be published the marketing and publicity and sales staffs geared up to introduce the book to the public. Open Road Media is based on a profit share model. We do not pay advances. We are only dealing with electronic formats with a p-o-d component when possible. The author supplies the content; Open Road Media does the marketing.

On Open Road’s approach to marketing:

  • The marketing platform is based on 3 principles: scale, reach and ease of use. It’s goal is to connect readers to authors in communities where readers currently live.
  • Our marketing will be a combination of traditional heavily weighted to the digital/emerging channels.
  • Lead time: our marketing begins on signing of contract versus close to the on-sale date.

On reaching communities where readers already live:

It’s not just aboutFacebook and Twitter. Readers live on crowd-sourced content sites, social networks, opinion sites, media sites, etc. They also live where their passions are. Cooking sites, craft and art sites, parenting sites. These are our readers as well.

We will expand to reach new audiences. There is a big world out there of people who read and do not fall into traditional.

To be clear, we will go to large sites but MAIN driver is to find right niche communities to partner with and supply content to.

On author profit share:

Authors like profit-sharing, particularly as advances are moving in the wrong direction.

On author branding versus publisher branding:

Absolutely. The author is the brand. Open Road Media as a consumer brand is not part of our thinking. We recognize that consumers will find content on our site, but the brands we are promoting are the authors and their works.


Our gratitude to Jane for taking the time to join us. Be sure to follow Open Road Integrated Media on Twitter: www.twitter.com/openroadmedia and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/openroadmedia. And,  for the complete transcript of Friday’s chat with Jane Friedman, just click here.

Be sure to join us for this Friday’s #FollowReader at 4pm ET.

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Jane Friedman of Open Road Integrated Media

Our stellar guest appearances for #FollowReader chats continue this Friday, when we’ll be joined by  Jane Friedman, CEO and Co-Founder of Open Road Integrated Media.

Conceived as  a content marketing company that places the e-book in the center of a multi-platform universe, Open Road Integrated Media is taking a bold approach to the business of books as well as to their format.  ORIM is doing away with author advances, instead offering authors a higher-than-normal royalty, coupled with aggressive marketing.

And, what exactly will ORIM be marketing, you may ask? Good question, and ORIM has a good answer:

  • e-versions of popular backlist titles (among the first ORIM e-rights to be acquired were titles by Dame Iris Murdoch, Pat Conroy and William Styron),
  • Studio “e-riginals” – titles developed for digital format, and
  • ORIM also plans to launch a premium self-publishing program which will be called Discovery.

We’re excited to talk with Jane about Open Road, and about the quickly changing landscape of publishing in general. Some of the topics we’ll be discussing on Friday include:

  • What is the traditional role of publishers, and how is this changing?
  • What about agents?If advances seem to be going the way of the dodo, is it time to re-evaluate how agents are compensated?
  • What should authors and agents make of MacMillan’s boilerplate contract (20% net for digital sales); what about RH + others who are a bit higher, but still at net?
  • How much should authors be asked to do in regards of marketing and promoting their books? Should authors be compensated for the marketing efforts they are asked to undertake?
  • As the barriers to actually publishing a book erode, does the role of the publisher become more or less important to the reading public?

And, as always with #FollowReader, the conversation will no doubt be fun and interesting.

Please join us – this Friday, December 11th at 4pm ET.

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1. Just before 4pm ET,  log in to Twitter or whatever interface you use (e.g. Tweetchat.com, Tweetdeck, Twitterific, etc.)
2. To follow the discussion, run a search for #followreader
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NOTE: You might want to experiment with TweetChat, which refreshes quickly and automatically loads your hashtag when you are in the discussion.

And if you can’t make it, don’t feel too bad. We will post a recap of the highlights, along with a summary on the blog.

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