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We’re not quite ready to put down the New Year’s party favors, so in order to extend the ringing in of 2010 just a bit, we are inviting you to join us for a fun (and informative) discussion with the publishing peeps behind the vlog, “Quit Being A Hooker, Hooker!

How does one explain QBAH2? Well, think Terry Gross meets wacky morning dj zoo crew with a little bit of Andy Rooney for good measure, and you’re getting a vague picture of what it’s all about. Here, I’ll hand the virtual mic to Russ Marshalek (the Jerry Lewis to Brett Sandusky’s Dean Martin), and let him try and explain himself:

(@QBAH2) is the world’s first publishing vlog, and the only publishing vlog with the word “hooker” in it twice. It was started as a joint project between publishing industry vets Brett Sandusky (@BSandusky) and myself (@RussMarshalek) after the former pushed Patricia Cornwell down an escalator at BEA 2009, and we concluded that the only way to save the world of publishing-an industry we both love dearly and operate inside-was to take it apart piece by piece. Quickly realizing that all QBAH2 would amount to was too many truck stop lemonades and fake retweets (a twitter activity we arguably originated), we enlisted the help of sassy Lucy Swope (@LucySwope) as creative director to rein in both our ideas and our alcohol problems.

To date, we’ve interviewed the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck, Isabella Rossellini and Richard Nash in our own inimitable style, and our site-qbah2.com-hosts written, humorous dissertations on the ‘three types of publishing blog posts‘ and various book critiques. QBAH2 is proof that taking publishing with a lot of heart and a sense of humor will be what, in fact, saves us all. Or not. We don’t know. We wrote this drunk.”

So – how can you possibly miss Friday’s #FollowReader? Sure, it may be somewhat silly, but we’ve got some serious questions for the QBAH2 crew, as well. For example:

  • How did they come up with their vlog’s, erh “unusual” name, “Quit Being a Hooker, Hooker?” Is there some deeper meaning that makes the name worth the ire of some feminists?
  • Given the impressive roster of guests they’ve interviewed so far on QBAH2, they have quite a first act to follow. How is the QBAH2 guest list for 2010 shaping up?
  • Will blogs, vlogs, and other forms of social media replace traditional book marketing and publicity efforts?
  • Their love for book publishing is admirable if not infectious, but why do they so love the publishing industry, and why do they fear its loss?
  • What are their predictions for the next 10 years in publishing and literature?

Should be quite a fun and interesting discussion!

To join the #followreader conversation on Friday, here’s what to do:

1. Just before 4pm ET, log in to Twitter or whatever interface you use (we recommend Tweetchat).
2. To follow the discussion, run a search for #followreader.
3. I’ll start by asking a few questions.
4. To post to the discussion, make sure that the hashtag #followreader is in each tweet.

NOTE: TweetChat refreshes quickly and automatically loads your hashtag when you are in the discussion.

If you can’t join the discussion, watch this space next week for a recap of the highlights.
Please feel free to suggest topics for upcoming #followreader chats below.

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Lately there’s been a lot of hubbub surrounding the emergence of  “book as app.”

Sure it sounds exciting, but is the book app here to stay, or merely the current IT GIRL in publishing’s endless search for the next big thing? What can an app do that a book can’t? Is an app inherently better than other ways of experiencing book content?

Well, that depends. The short answer might be: maybe and sometimes, and if the two companies profiled below are any indication of what book apps can be, then I’d be willing to wager that the book as app is here to stay.

im184_crushitthe VOOK
Yey! Another silly name for a digital publishing offering! Though, in all fairness, the Vook was the Vook before the nook was the nook.  Anyway, what exactly is a vook?

In the words of Vook’s VP of Marketing and Brand Director, Matthew Cavnar, “A vook is a new innovation that blends a book with videos into one complete story. Vooks are currently available in a browser based version and as an application for your iPhone or iPod touch.”

(Editor’s Note: So, it’s acutally not just an iphone app, as it’s also available via the world wide web – and this blows my whole “books as apps” approach to this article, but whatever. It’s still an app, too.)

Vook launched its first titles with Simon and Schuster and recently released Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It! with Harper Studio. Relationships with other publishers are underway.  Beyond the very cool multimedia features of vooks, a notably appealing feature of currently available vooks are their price tags. HarperStudio has priced both browser based and iphone app versions of the Crush It! vook at $11.99.

Simon and Schuster has priced each of their five currently available vooks (three lifestyle titles, as well as Promises by romance author Jude Deveraux, and the thriller Embassy by Richard Doetsch) at $6.99. Neither publisher is offering their vook titles as bundled content with ebooks or printed versions of the books, though HarperStudio considered it, and may bundle future titles. (more…)

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