Thank you to the 1,200+ librarians who took our survey in December and January. I’m excited to share the results! This survey asked librarians about their adoption of digital reading devices, how they use digital galleys, and their primary sources for discovering new titles.

Take a look at the press release and check out the detailed results, below:

Results are based on a survey of 1,286 NetGalley librarian members and were collected from December 1, 2011 through February 7, 2012. 59% of librarians surveyed primarily use NetGalley to purchase new titles for their library, and the remainder use it to find new titles to recommend to patrons. Nearly 100 librarians wrote in to point out that they use NetGalley for both purposes.

*overlap occurs

*Publishers, remember that you can link to your title in the NetGalley catalog or allow auto-approval in any online advertising or marketing that you do!

**Publishers, this suggests that there’s a huge growth opportunity to pitch NetGalleys directly to librarians either through NetGalley’s marketing programs (NetGalley at the Library and Feed Your Reader), or using the widget in your own campaigns.

**Librarians, include your institutional email address in your NetGalley Contact Information and Public Bio so publishers know where to reach you!

*Publishers, don’t forget to add urls and use the Digital Press Kit to drive traffic to websites and direct readers to your marketing assets.

*ALA members, be sure you’ve added your ALA number to your NetGalley profile so publishers will see you’re part of the organization. More info is here.

A note on methods: The survey was open to NetGalley members and non-members alike, and was posted via Twitter (@NetGalley), Facebook.com/NetGalley, Direct Email, and re-posted by Library Journal. Results were collected between December 1, 2011 and February 7, 2012.

Thank you, also, to these librarians who had such wonderful things to say about NetGalley!

“I purchase 95 % of what I read on NetGalley. Great books.” –Kathy Spielman, Yorba Linda Middle School Library

“I use it to strengthen my case when recommending titles for purchase AND to look for books that would be good candidates for book clubs.” –Janet Lockhart, West Regional Library

“I use [NetGalley] for two purposes. As a librarian, I use it to find books and authors for the library collection. As a member of the New Mexico Library Association’s committee for our state children’s choice award, I use NetGalley to find exciting new books to nominate for the Land of Enchantment Book Award. We nominate about 30 titles per year, of which three are chosen for an award.” –Beth Nieman, Carlsbad Public Library

“It is so nice to be able to pick and choose the galleys I want to look at rather than getting a big old box, taking the two that I want, and having to dispose of the rest.”— Marea Black, Phoenix Public Library

“I use your emails religiously to find new and interesting titles to order, and recommend. I *love* getting emails about available titles and always look at the titles/publishers.”—Gina Robertson, Gardendale Public Library

“I love this service! It has really helped me decide what items to order in a time of financial problems.”—Jennifer Johnson-Spence, Cooke County Library

“[I] love being able to read books in advance and be able to talk about them with patrons when they come out. Also makes it easier to read new and different authors.”—Sharon A. Redfern , Rockville Public Library

Notice anything new? We’ve added a new section called My NetGalley Activity where you can see your activity and stats. Next time you log in, take a look at your page and you’ll see the following:

  • Recently Approved Titles: these are new approvals you’ve received that you haven’t yet looked at.
  • Active Titles: these are titles you’ve been approved for, which you’ve already viewed (viewed means you looked at the title page, not necessarily that you’ve downloaded the file yet).
  • My NetGalley Activity: this is a snapshot of your activity on NetGalley. It shows when you became a member, how many invitations you’ve received from publishers to view titles (widgets that were emailed to you), how often you’ve been approved and declined, and the number of reviews you’ve submitted via NetGalley. Don’t forget that even if you’re not a “reviewer” you can submit your feedback to the publisher using Manage My Reviews!

While you’re checking out these new changes, please take the time to update your contact information! Since more and more publishers outside of North America are now participating in NetGalley, publishers need to know what country you reside in so they can make sure they have territory rights to share galleys with you. Publishers will now be able to see your country when you make requests. Go to My Profile/Contact Information to update your country informtion.*

If you’re a librarian who belongs to the American Library Association, be sure you add your ALA number to your NetGalley Account Information! Adding your member number will help publishers approve your requests more quickly. Learn more.

Lastly, everyone should feel free to use the Manage My Reviews section to send feedback to the publisher!

  • Bloggers and reviewers, send the text of your review, links to where it’s posted and when.
  • Librarians, let them know if you’re adding it to your collection or recommending it to library patrons. Are you interested in hosting an event with the author? Ask them here.
  • Booksellers, tell them if you’re hand-selling it in your store or planning to add it to a special display. Do you want to set up an in-store signing? Reach out here.
  • Educators, tell them if you’re adopting it for your course or using it in a lesson plan.
  • Media professionals, they certainly want to know if you’ll be running a story, booking the author, otherwise covering it, or pitching it as a new television show or film!

Once you’ve written your message, change the status to “Review Completed” and press Save & Close. The message will be sent directly to the publisher.

*Note: NetGalley will NEVER reveal your address, phone or email without your permission. You can manage your privacy preferences in your Public Bio, under Visibility.

ALA Midwinter 2012

The holiday rush is behind us, it’s still frigid outside, and librarians everywhere are starting to get excited. . . it’s that time of year again: Midwinter. The 2012 ALA Midwinter conference is being held in Dallas this year (January 20-24) and I’m thrilled to be going—it’s also a return to my Texas roots!

In preparation for Midwinter, we at NetGalley have been busy little bees working to enhance our service for librarians. I’m most excited to share the news that NetGalley has partnered with the ALA! If you have an ALA number, add it to your NetGalley account by logging in, clicking on My Profile, and then Account Information. Once you add your number, publishers can easily identify you as an ALA member and we anticipate your requests will be approved faster and more frequently. Some publishers have already told us they plan to auto-approve all ALA members for their galleys going forward!

We’re also starting a new newsletter and social media program aimed just at librarians! “NetGalley at the Library” newsletters will be sent out monthly and feature titles and promotions from various publishers. Don’t miss out—be sure you sign up to receive these and other newsletters here.

Nearly 1,000 of our librarian members have already taken our survey, which is great! But we still want to hear from YOU. If you’re a member and haven’t already taken the survey, please follow this link to do so. It should only take you about five minutes to complete. If you’re NOT a NetGalley member, or know someone who’s not a member, we have a whole separate survey for you to take. The surveys will close after Midwinter on 1/27/2012. Our intent is to discover more about how NetGalley librarian-members use the site and what aspects you find most useful. We will share the general results with publishers so they have some feedback from the librarian community on NetGalley.

Lastly, I just want to remind you that the ALA Midwinter website has a lot of really great tools for anyone attending the conference. Check out the scheduler and the exhibitor list, and find hotel and travel information. I’ll be roaming the exhibit hall on Saturday and Sunday with an “I Love NetGalley” sticker on, meeting with publishers and hopefully speaking with some of you librarians! If you spot me, please stop me to say hello—I’ll save a sticker for you, too.


Happy travels to Dallas,

Kristina, Community Concierge

It’s that time again–when the lovely Emily of Red House Books declares a “month-long read-a-thon of awesome” for NetGalley titles! This time the month is October, but the goal is the same: read as many NetGalley books as possible, hopefully making a dent in your TBR e-piles 🙂

We at NetGalley love seeing how many bloggers sign up and how many books ultimately get consumed by the end of the month. Keep us updated on your progress on Twitter with the #NetGalleyMonth hashtag! Plus be sure to follow Emily @WilowRedHouse for news/prizes/etc.

All the info is below, and stay tuned for our next post at the end of the month with the list of participating bloggers.

Everything you need to know is in Emily’s “DECLARE YOURSELF” post — but for those of you who are new to this, here’s a quick rundown:

What do I have to do to join in on the fun?
READ YOUR NETGALLEY BOOKS! Easy, right? But first… Be sure to declare yourself by sharing your NetGalley October love somehow – blog post, Tweet (use the hashtag #NetGalleyMonth), Facebook update. It must include a link back to Emily’s post and you need to fill out the form in her post for your declaration to count.
AND Emily is kind enough to offer prizes! 2 participants (who have declared themselves and filled out the form) will win $15 worth of books from The Book Depository.
Mark your calendars…
For the #NetGalleyMonth Twitter Chat on October 28th at 5pm EST. Yours truly (Lindsey, Digital Concierge at NetGalley) will be answering your questions and grilling you about how many NetGalley books you read. Just kidding! I’m nice, I promise. In truth, I’ll be more interested to hear how you’re liking NetGalley, different ways you use it, what books you read most, etc etc. So come armed with questions and feedback!

(Thanks to Sarah from Workaday Reads for creating this cute button!)

Plus, don’t miss the NetGalley Tips–all month long!
All month I’ll be feeding NetGalley Tips to Emily for her weekly posts. In case you missed them, here are the first two:

Week 1 NetGalley October Tips: Registering and Filling Out Your Bio

Registering and Filling Out your NetGalley Bio:
After you log in for the first time, make sure to fill in your Profile and Public Bio, so publishers know who you are and what you do. The information in your bio is what publishers see when deciding to approve your galley requests.

It’s very important to check the Publisher Approval Preferences page for guidance. Publishers are telling you exactly what they’re looking for in your Bio in order to approve you, so be sure to follow their advice!

And don’t forget to indicate if you are a member of any Associations, like the ALA or ABA (under Account Information).

*HINT* In your Profile, the “Company” should not be the same as your first and last name, or else publishers might not be able to see your Public Bio when you request titles. Please at least put an underscore (example: first_last) to avoid the issue. Thanks!

Week 2 NetGalley October Tips: Requesting and Getting Approved

Requesting and Getting Approved

Make sure to check the Before You Request page. Check out the Public Catalog of available galleys to find titles you want to request. You can browse by Publisher or by Genre, and of course search by Title, Author, etc. You can also find out what publishers are looking for when they approve requests. Then just click “Request!” to send your request to the publisher.

Remember that some publishers take longer than others to go through their pending requests, so try to be patient! You’ll get an email notification as soon as your request is either approved or declined.

You could also get an email that says “You’ve been auto-approved.” What does this mean? Individual publishers can auto-approve individual NetGalley members for all their titles in the catalog. This means that when you press the Request button for that publisher’s titles, you’ll receive the galley immediately on your home page. If you are auto-approved by a publisher, you’ll receive an email saying: “You have been auto-approved for any of Publisher’s titles in the NetGalley catalog. Next time you click the REQUEST button for one of their titles, you’ll be automatically approved. Congrats!”

While you’re waiting to hear if your request is approved, this is a good time to do these three things:
1. Add support@netgalley.com to your email address book, so you’ll be sure to receive emails from NetGalley.
2. Be sure to download Adobe Digital Editions, the program you’ll need to view galleys. The download is quick and free here.
3. Check out our NetGalley Features and sign up to receive our Newsletters by Genre here.

Happy Reading!


Digital Concierge, NetGalley

New York Comic Con is next weekend (Oct. 13-16) and I couldn’t be more excited! I always look forward to seeing cos players on the subways and in the streets of NY… not to mention all of the amazing guests and exhibitors that will actually be inside the Javits Center.

I hope that some of the 4,000+  NetGalley members who tell us they read comics and graphic novels can make it to New York for the convention. If you’re attending, don’t forget to stop at the publishers’ booths and show them some love! Dark Horse, Legendary Comics, ONI PressLerner, Lee & Low, and Carina will all be there, in addition to many others. Be sure you check out the Comic Con preview on our NetGalley Features page and read up on some of the new comic and graphic novel titles!

I will be walking the floor on Friday, October 14, meeting some of the publishers and taking lots of photos. I won’t be in costume, but I will be wearing an I HEART NG sticker. If you see me, stop and say hello… I’ll gladly give you a sticker too. You may also catch me in the Carina booth (#2021) getting “zombified” on Friday. Keep an eye out for the after-photos!

Check out The Gothamist’s favorite costumes from NYCC 2010 and if you go to NYCC 2011 in costume, please share your photos with us on the NetGalley Facebook page.

May the force be with you…

Kristina, NetGalley Community Concierge

Back at the beginning of the month, Emily at Red House Books declared that July is NetGalley month and we couldn’t be happier! After all, what are the summer months for if not escaping the heat with a good book (and some serious air conditioning)? Emily set a challenge to read as many NetGalley books as possible throughout the month . . . what a great excuse to plow through the digital TBR pile!

Now that it’s nearly August, Emily will be hosting a Twitter chat to wrap up NetGalley month. Follow @WilowRedHouse and @NetGalley, and use #NetGalleyMonth to chat with Emily, Lindsey Rudnickas of NetGalley, and other declared NetGalley month readers! Here are all the details:

Date: Friday July 29th

Time: 5:00pm EST

Where: Twitter, #NetGalleyMonth

I also want to thank Emily and all the other bloggers and tweeters out there who declared themselves and have been spending July with their noses buried in their e-readers. Check out this massive list of declared NetGalley Month readers. . . if you’re not on this list, check out Emily’s post to find out how to DECLARE YOURSELF!


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Rachel L: via Facebook


Romance Writers of America are in New York this week for their 31st Annual Conference, and I’d like to take a moment to welcome all the visitors to my home turf! Hopefully you’re taking time to sight-see between workshops, networking events and meetings. If you’re looking for something to do, there are always plenty of book events going on in and around the city—check out New York Magazine’s list for this week.

Last month we announced a partnership with Library Journal, who is now considering book-length romance e-originals for review, and this month I’m happy to report that NetGalley now has over 6,000 members who have listed Romance as one of their reading genres and 175 romance titles listed in the catalog from publishers and imprints such as Harlequin, Carina Press,  Avon, Berkley Romance, Forever, Red Sage and Entangled. That makes romance one of our hottest genres on NetGalley, pun definitely intended! Not to mention that YA + Romance=some of the most requested titles on NetGalley right now. Five of the top ten requested titles are YA/Romance cross-overs!

We’re very sad that we couldn’t be in attendance at RWA this year, but we know there are lots of great conversations happening virtually as well as physically at the Marriott Marquis. We’re watching #RWA11, but are there any other hashtags we should be following? Off the top of my head I know that Angela James of Carina Press is moderating a panel with book reviewers on Thursday. I hope there are lots of tweets! Let me know which hashtags you’re following in the comments, or tweet them @NetGalley!

Lots of love to all you romance readers,

Kristina, your Community Concierge